2 Wheel Drive Premium Service

  • Diagnostic scan of vehicle.
  • Test basic foot brake operation. Stall-test parking brake and check travel.
  • Test wiper/washer operation, test horn and check lighting system operation. Polish headlamps with cutting compound (where required).
  • Add chemical flush additive to engine and run vehicle to operating temperature. Drain and replace engine oil to manufacturer’s specifications. Carry out basic visual inspection for oil leaks, damage and/or corrosion (rust).
  • Test vehicle battery state of health, check battery and terminals for security and apply terminal protection.
  • Test coolant strength and carry out specific gravity test on coolant. Visually check the condition of cooling system components.
  • Test brake fluid and check the condition of braking component system components and service where necessary.
  • Check all under-bonnet fluid levels, note condition and top up as required. Ensure fuel level is full and add Fuel Injector Cleaner. Leave in vehicle if below required level.
  • Inspect air filter, drive belts and spark plugs where access allows.
  • Clean engine bay and scuttle panel of debris and clean windscreen.
  • Lubricate door strikers and check door restraint straps.
  • Check all tyres for wear and damage and set type pressures to manufacturer’s specifications (including the spare).
  • Inspect the condition of steering and suspension components and lubricate moving parts as required.
  • Check all driveline fluid levels (transmission and differential) and top up as required. Inspect driveline components for wear.
  • Clear service codes.
  • Vacuum vehicle.

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