Air conditioning servicing
Air conditioning servicing
Air conditioning servicing
Air conditioning servicing
Air Conditioning Servicing

Did you know:

• Your car’s air conditioning system loses 10 - 20% of its refrigerant each year.

• Your air conditioning system should be serviced, replacing the filter drier every two years. This prevents costly failures. The filter drier is like your car’s engine oil – it has a limited life.

• Cheap ‘re-gas’ services are not fixing the problem. If your A/C is out of refrigerant it probably has a leak that should be repaired.

Oil change

Did you know:

• Oil is the 'lifeblood’ of your engine.

• Oil has a limited lifespan. Even if your engine has only done limited kilometres within the servicing interval, your oil will age and be less effective then when it was fresh.

• Oil is a vital part of keeping your engine running smoothly. As they say, ‘oil is cheaper than bearings’.

Mechanical repairs

Experienced Automotive Technicians:

• Mechanical repairs to get your car safely back on the road.

• Same day WOF vehicle service.

• Lifetime workmanship warranty on all repair work.

• Experienced and skilled technicians.


Suspension Experts:

• Suspension specialists providing quality shock fitment, adjustments and repair.

• A range of shock seals, absorbers, coil and spring options.

• Suspension and wheel alignment.

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For friendly and efficient Automotive Repairs and Servicing in Wellington choose the MTA assured Vehicle Mechanic Specialists at Vogel Motors…

Vogel Motor Services provides Alicetown, Lower Hutt and Wellington with a complete range of mechanical services. These include WOFs (warrant of fitness), motor vehicle servicing and repairs. We also do auto electrical, brakes, steering, shock absorbers and suspension systems. Book your car in with us and you’ll not only receive a friendly and efficient service, you’ll benefit from modern workshop facilities with the latest automotive diagnostic and repair systems and an experienced and dedicated team that won’t rest until you’re satisfied.

We make it our mission to ‘raise the standard’ and exceed expectations when servicing your vehicle. All makes, all models and all problems – talk to us first when your car needs attention.

    Got a problem with your car? Give us a few details and one of our technicians will be in contact to arrange a day and time to take a look at it.