Your suspension specialists in Wellington for shock and suspension work

Suspension and Shock Absorber Specialists

Vogel Motors inspect, diagnose, repair and replace all components that directly affect your car’s suspension. From shock absorbers and coils to shafts, rods, arms, joints, and knuckles – our suspension specialists can do it all! 

Working in partnership with Autolign who specialise in top quality shocks and suspension products, Vogel Motors are well equipped to handle all shocks, suspension and wheel alignment issues.  

If you feel you might have a problem with your car suspension, bring your vehicle in and Vogel Motors will check your suspension and shock absorbers on a specialised meter to identify any faults.

Leaking or worn shock absorbers can decrease braking efficiency and cause vehicles to fail WOF inspections. Book your car in now and one of our technicians will get back to you within 24 hours. 

Are you finding it difficult to turn? You may have a car suspension or wheel alignment issue

Is your vehicle veering to one side when the steering wheel is straight? Can you hear noises when your vehicle is turning? Do you feel like you’re driving over terrain that is full of speed bumps? You may have a suspension issue or it may also be a wheel alignment issue.

The suspension system on your car is responsible for the harmony between you and the road. Your ability to steer is directly affected by your car’s suspension system and the proper alignment of your vehicle’s wheels. 

When either one is faulty, continued driving will only increase the problem. Don’t wait until your next WOF or car service, book your car into Vogel Motors now. 

What will Vogel Motors do to improve your wheel alignment?

Wheel Alignments are important to the handling of your car. They also improve fuel economy and extend tyre life.

What Vogel Motors do

Our technicians adjust all four wheels so they are parallel to each other. This is done using the latest laser technology which produces a sensor zone around the vehicle and highlights any steering or suspension faults.

The results include:

  • Improved Driver Safety
  • Improved Handling
  • Increased Fuel Efficiency
  • Extended Suspension Life
  • Minimized Tyre Wear
  • Improved Steering

Why Vogel Motors do it

Some common problems encountered when your wheels are out of alignment include:


  • Wheel is difficult to turn
  • Pulls to the left or right
  • Vibrates

Tyre wear shows signs of:

  • Uneven wear on one side
  • Feathering
  • Flat Spotting

If you leave suspension issues too long, you are in danger of throwing your wheel alignment out which could cost you more in the longterm. Arrange for Vogel Motors to test your shocks and suspension at the same time as your WOF and vehicle service – book now for added peace of mind.  

Keep your vehicle under control – Vogel Motors can supply and fit new shock absorbers for better suspension 

You now know how important suspension is to your car. Suspension enables your car tyres to stick to the road surface, and eliminates road shock. But why are shocks and shock absorbers so important?

  • Shock absorbers are a key part of the suspension system 
  • Your car will have springs that control the height of your vehicle. Shock absorbers control those springs
  • If your shock absorbers are faulty the spring will bounce your tyre off the road 
  • Your shock absorbers handle the abuse caused by the rebound of the springs 

These, plus a variety of components such as shafts, rods, arms, joints, and knuckles make up what’s commonly called a conventional suspension. That’s why it pays to book in with Vogel Motors if you think you might need your shocks or coil springs tested and replaced. 

Talk to us too about vehicle servicing and mechanical repairs and maintenance designed to safeguard you from a wide range of shocks, suspension and wheel alignment issues. Vogel Motors offer both efficiency and reliability so contact us today to make a booking for quality mechanical services.

    Got a problem with your car? Give us a few details and one of our technicians will be in contact to arrange a day and time to take a look at it.